May 20, 2024

Dutch Rolex GTG 0Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

Last weekend was the first Dutch Rolex GTG organized by I attended the meeting and it was a great evening with a lot of (Rolex) watches and great Italian food.

Here is a table(book) shot of the Rolexes before forum member Snorlex, Explorer Johan?Ǭ†and Stanley joined..

Then, Explorer Johan joined the meeting as well:

And?Ǭ†Snorlex + Stanley joined the team as well:

(ooops.. one missing?)

Naaah, it is probably being examined:

The proof that Rolex-people are friendly people: A Panerai with Cali dial is being accepted by everone at the meeting!

And one of the favorite collectibles of the evening:

Photos made by Remco, Dale Vito and Evert. Until the next Dutch Rolex GTG!
All photos can be found at!