May 20, 2024

Watch Industry Forum 0Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

As written before, Johan and I set-up a website to support the LinkedIn Group ‘a Passion for Watches’.

Not too long ago, Johan and I added a forum, to be able to discuss the watch industry and watch branch. “Another forum”, I hear you say. Indeed, we are aware of that, but this forum has a slightly different approach. This forum is there to discuss the movements (nice choice of words RJ :)) within the watch branch/industry. What happens over at Swatch Group? How do you become employed in the watch branch? And most of all, it should be a forum where people from the watch industry, jewelers and customers meet.

And yes, you have to register to participate. Blogs and forums are unfortunately the victim of spam and spam bots as well. You do not have to be signed-up on LinkedIn, but that is the place to get connected to other watch passionates.