April 24, 2024

Rolex Red Submariner Ref: 1680 Unpolished Case and Amazing Story 3Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

Rolex Forums has a great story on-line about the purchase of a red Submariner ref.1680 from its first owner. It seems that this Rolex Submariner has seen it all in over 30 years. As the writer of this story puts it: “This watch has been through it all. The cocaine fuelled parties of the 70’s 80’s, scuba diving around the world, racing his mini cooper in Southern California. Truly a fantastic watch that’s been through an amazing journey.”

As you can see, the case is in great shape, the dial has this nice patina, the tritium pearl has become a bit of yellow-ish, original crown and a slightly faded bezel. The priceless comes with the watch :)

Click here to read the story over at RolexForums. Thanks to Jiff for noticing.