April 22, 2024

Another Box Full Of Speedies 0Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

Markus Tschopp of Watches.de has a very nice case filled with 22 Speedmasters for sale on his website. Watches.de is specialized in high-end, vintage and limited edition watches. Their stock on (vintage) Panerai is simply amazing, make sure to take a look.

Back to the watches of this topic, Speedmasters. Although it is not one of the limited cases (50 pieces only) that Omega released in 1997-1998, the price is more attractive (75.000,- Euro / $108,750.= USD) than the original NASA case set that I discussed here last week. 3.571,43 Euro might not sound cheap per Speedmaster Professional ‘patch’ model, but at least you will almost have all of them at once.

Also, I noticed that the price of these ‘Patch’ models are going up as they have been produced in limited numbers and it seems that their owners are keeping on to them.

For detailed information about this set of 21 Speedies you should contact Watches.de, a trusted seller of pre-owned and new watches.

Thanks to Jan for notifying me about this sale.