July 22, 2024

Some Tips For Safe Watch Collecting 0Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

The robbery I blogged about a few days ago and the burglary at a friend’s house a day later, made me realize I should write down some tips for safe watch collecting. Although it is too late for Dale and Bas, I would like to ask you to read the tips I posted for this week’s MotoringExposure’s Wednesday Watch article.

Some banks have safe deposit boxes for only a few bucks per year. Might be worth considering..

Some of the tips are probably an open door or simply too obvious, but I think it is good to realize that you might be loosing your valuable watches easier than you think. Also, if there is only one tip or advice in there you weren’t already aware of, I am more than happy. If you have any advice or tips too add, be so kind to help your fellow watch enthusiasts by entering them in the comment field.

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