July 19, 2024

EOY SOTC – So Much Fun 0Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

TimeZone’s End-Of-Year State-Of-The-Collection threads are so much fun to read. It is fascinating to see what people drive to collect certain watches or certain brands. Besides collecting the big brands (IWC, Omega, Rolex etc.) there are also quite some people collecting watches from the small and independent brands or who have a healthy mix of both.

Click here to go to the Public Forum of TimeZone and scan for those SOTC threads. My personal favorites are here, here, here and here, but the list of participants is growing. If you joining the SOTC threads, please think about you and your family’s safety (make sure your address isn’t traceable, keep things in a deposit or safe etc.).

Another fun pictorial I noticed is in the OMEGA forum over at TZ. Member Deniz from France did a wonderful photo shoot of his Speedmaster Professional Moonphase. Click here.