April 22, 2024

WatchTime Feature – Top 3 Favorite Rolex GMT-Master Watches 0Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

As we recently told you, Fratellowatches partnered with Watchtime USA. This means we have our own feature on Watchtime.com every Friday. Last Friday, I wrote an article on my favorite Rolex, the GMT-Master. Without exception, I love all of them but do of course have some preferences. Therefor, I listed my Top 3 favorite Rolex GMT-Master watches on Watchtime.

With some beautiful photos of our photographer Bert Buijsrogge, I listed my favorites. In this article is something new and something old, although my preference is slightly towards the newer models.  Have a look at www.watchtime.com/blog/fratello-friday-top-3-rolex-gmt-master-watches/. Past articles can be found here: www.watchtime.com/tag/fratello-friday/