April 22, 2024

Patek Philippe Exhibition in Munich – KunstWerkUhr 0Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

From the 17th of October to the 27th of October Patek Philippe has a very cool exhibition called ‘KunstWerkUhr’ in the city centre of Munich, Germany. Patek Philippe shows 480 pieces from their current collection as well as from their historic collection. The exhibition has been designed in the same way as their Geneva boutique, showing the ‘live view’ on the Geneva lake on very large screens (they recorded 24 hours and synced it with the actual time). All watches from the current collection are on display, including every single piece from the Complications and Grand Complications collection.

PatekPhilippeKunstWerkUhr-8As you can see above, Patek even did a remake of their World Timer for Munich. Highlighting ‘Munich’ as home time (in blue) instead of Paris and showing the Bavarian flag design in the center of the dial. Also, they had a special Oktoberfest Pendule on display.

Fratellowatches was in Munich on the 23rd of October to go and see this fabulous exhibition by Patek Philippe. It was an amazing set-up of all of the Patek Philippe collection and the place was crowded with enthusiasts. Guided tours as well as programmed head phones that guide you through the exhibition are available for those who want to learn everything about the brand.

PatekPhilippeKunstWerkUhr-5Patek also has the Star Calibre 2000 on display, 21 complications in one (pocket) watch. This stunning piece is on display in a special room and sits on some kind of turn table that enables you to enjoy every single angle from this piece.

Also, Patek had multiple demonstrations on watchmaking, special crafts such as engraving and enamelling. You are able to talk to the watchmakers and craftsmen and ask them everything you always wanted to know.


In another room you can see all mechanical movements that Patek Philippe uses for their watches, including some of the prototype models they did over time. Next to this room is a multi-media room where you can use tablets to learn about Patek Philippe, complications and listen to the sound of minute repeaters in special ‘Jetson’ like chairs.

PatekPhilippeKunstWerkUhr-6The Museum room shows a lot of historic pieces from Patek Philippe which you normally only can enjoy in their own museum in Geneva. One of our favourite pieces is this PP world timer watch reference 96 that dates back to 1937.

PatekPhilippeKunstWerkUhr-7The quality of the pictures we took is a bit lousy, but lightning conditions were not very good with all those glass displays and spotlights. We suggest you go to Munich yourself and witness this very cool exhibition which is still open to this Sunday.

More information can be found here and here (in German, but with pictures).