April 22, 2024

Olympic Winter Games in Sochi and Omega 1Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

In just a few hours from now, the Olympic Winter Games will have its opening ceremony. As you probably know, Omega is the official timekeeper for many years now and also for these games in Sochi. Last Tuesday, Omega opened their Omega Pavillion for guests, visitors, spectators and athletes.

OMEGA Pavilion Sochi_1Not only does Omega display its long term involvement with the Olympic Games by showing timekeeping instruments from the past to now inside the building, visitors can also enjoy a ride in an interactive bobsleigh simulator.

Bob5If you pay close attention to the images of the sports events on TV, you will perhaps notice the presence of the timekeeping instruments that Omega uses during the coming few weeks. Pairs of laser photocells along the runs, used to measure the start, intermediate and finish times amongst some other statistics as well as time measurement devices on the bobsleighs. Omega debut with its Omega Measurement Unit that takes care of run-in data instantly available for spectators of the race. This new device consist of a speed sensor, a 3D acceleration sensor and a 3D gyro-sensor, all of which acquire data in real time.

Bob1 bob2 Bob6 Bob9 Bob12As always, Omega is proudly introducing a number of limited (to 2014 pieces obviously) watches to celebrate the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. These are the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean ‘Sochi 2014′ Limited Edition in 45,5mm, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 37.5 mm “Sochi 2014” Limited Edition and the gold OMEGA Sochi Petrograd inspired by their Museum Collection tonneau piece. All three watches have red, blue and white accents on the dial (and the Seamaster watches also on the ceramic bezel) which refers to the Russian flag colors. All watches have Sochi.ru 2014 engraved/embossed on the back side. These watches were already introduced last year, but we thought now is the right time to give them some attention.

Petrograd SeamasterMen2 SeamasterMen SeamasterLadyAll detailed information about the Omega Olympic Games Sochi limited editions can be found here.