April 1, 2023
10-228 oakley watches

Today let us look at some of the best Oakley watches for men.  Although it is harder and harder to come across a large selection of Oalkley as they stopped producing their watches,  I’ve still managed to put together a list of the most popular Oakley watches still currently available.

Known for large bold presence and innovative designs specifically aimed at those with an active outdoor lifestyle, an Oakley watch may just be the perfect timepiece for you.

Below we have a huge selection ranging from more affordable Oakley watches, all the way up to fairly expensive Oakley watches for over $1,000.

Hope you enjoy this list of the top Oakley watches.

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1. 10-228 Oakley Watches Holeshot Stealth Unobatinum Limited Edition

10-228 oakley watches


First up in our list of the top Oakley watches is the Holeshot stealth. It’s a limited edition watch with this large oversized presence due to the 47.5mm casing diameter. As a Swiss made watch is also features a Swiss made chronograph quartz movement that’s accurate and reliable. Extra features of this timepiece include a sapphire crystal glass, and a 100m water resistance rating. Perfect for sporty people who have an active lifestyle.

2. 26-316 Oakley Watches Bottle Cap Display

26-316 oakley watches


Another one of the most popular Oakley watches available at the moment is this Bottle Cap classic. The three hand movement contrasts really nicely against the dial to give the watch a high visibility finish. It’s powered by a gold plated Swiss quartz movements that gives you excellent timekeeping and reliability.

The watch is full of extra high-quality features such as the sapphire glass that has a anti-reflective coating. An end of life system that makes the watch save power when its battery is running low by making the second hand tick every four seconds, this also indicates to you that your battery needs replacing soon, a very handy feature. As for water resistance, it’s rated at 100m which is fairly good.

3. 26-310 Oakley Watches Gearbox Polished Black And White Dial

26-310 Oakley Watches


This next special edition Oakley watch has a rather interesting design. The Gearbox honors the heritage of mechanical engineering. The casing is made of titanium that’s stronger yet lighter weight than stainless steel. With a five jewel Swiss movement, 100m water resistance, and sapphire crystal glass for ultimate scratch resistance this watch has all the features of a high specification timepiece.


4. 10-061 Oakley Watch Gauge Chronograph Stealth Black

10-061 Oakley Watches


Coming in as the most expensive Oakley watch in today’s list is the Oakley Gauge. This is a very serious watch designed with the gauges of a cockpit as inspiration.

Technology has a purity all its own, and it was captured in the gauges of this time machine. An onboard chronograph offers accumulated and interval timing, and like the integrated alarm, it comes with a dedicated sub dial. Accessed by a separate crown, an internal bezel can be rotated for displaying a second time zone or utilized as a countdown timer, and a tachymeter scale measures speed based on travel time and distance.

With a gold plated Swiss made 13 jewel quartz movement, sapphire crystal glass, and a 100m water resistance rating, this is one hell of a watch from Oakley.


5. 10-062 Oakley Watch, Gearbox Stainless Steel

10-062 Oakley Watches

Another hardcore oversized watch from Oakley is this Gearbox stainless steel timepiece. It has a 47mm casing diameter with a 16mm thickness, making this a sizeable chunky watch. The watch features a high quality Swiss made gold plated 5 jewel quartz movement, along with a sapphire crystal face that includes an anti-reflective coating. With a 100m water resistance rating, this should prove sufficient for most.


6. Oak-7443 Oakley Watches, Bottle Cap Blue Edition

Oak-7443 Oakley watch


If you liked watch number 2, you’ll possibly like this colour variation of it. Like the previous bottle cap Oakley watch it has a Swiss made gold plated quartz movement. I do like this oversized design of the watch with its chunky crown. With a sapphire crystal glass and 100m water resistance rating, this is well worth considering.


7. 26-312 Oakley Watch, Bottle Cap Black

26-312 Oakley Watches

Again another colour variation of the Bottle Cap series. I know a lot of people love these black out designs with a primarily all black design to the watch. It’s still kept easy to read though with high visibility contrasting white luminous hands.

The watch features a gold plated 5 jewel Swiss made quartz movement, power save mode when on low battery, a sapphire crystal glass, and a 100m water resistance rating.


8. 26-315 Oakley Watches, Bottle Cap White Design

26-315 Oakley Watches

The last Swiss made Oakley watch on our list is a final colour variation of the Bottle Cap, this time with a simple white finish. I think personally if I were to go for one of these Bottle Cap Oakley watches I’d prefer to pick one with a splash of colour.

As with the other Bottle Cap watches, this model features a gold plated 5 jewel Swiss made quartz movement. As well as a low power reserve function, sapphire crystal glass and a 100m water resistance rating.