April 22, 2024

Now, Zenith announces the brand new Zenith Defy Lab collection that comprises what they assert is the world’s most precise mechanical movement. The in-house made caliber ZO 342 automatic operates at 15Hz, which can be quicker (a great thing) than the huge majority of mechanical watches on the market, including Zenith’s mythical 5Hz “high beat” frequency El Primero automatic chronograph movement. Zenith will debut the Defy Laboratory as a very limited set of 10 “piece unique” watches — in comparably “exclusive” prices. What about everybody else that will want one of those very compelling timepieces? Zenith makes it clear that the first 10 Defy Lab watches are “just the start.” The Defy Lab’s motion is not only going to be put into regular production, but it will function as a base for potential complications. The very first set of Defy Lab watches following this initial debut collector’s set is planned for production in 2018. Let us step back a little and talk why this fast functioning, acoustic material technology is all a big deal. The name of this game here isn’t just to be exclusive with some thing different, but more importantly — roughly wristwatch performance. While we have seen a huge level of variety in timepiece design through time, there is very little new in terms of real performance increases. Meaning that most mechanical watches produced are similarly true. Of course, there are significant differences in terms of how well regulated a motion is, or how well it’s constructed, but in the very end of the day you can only tweak a standard mechanical Zenith Watches Academy movement to be this accurate.

Swiss Zenith Watches Kijiji manufacture Zenith has a century and a half behind it and is resolutely taking its place in the third millennium with a new 100th of a second chronograph movement.

The 21st century Defy El Primero houses a COSC-certified in-house movement driving a hundredth of a second display by means of a central hand, with its unique signature of one rotation per second.

Its double-chain structure is based on two regulators, made of Carbon-Matrix Carbon Nanotube composite, a patented new material that is insensitive to magnetic fields and temperature gradients to a degree well above existing norms.

“With its powerful 44 mm titanium case, Defy El Primero 21 becomes the master of extreme precision. The world’s most accurate series-made chronograph in 1969 enters a whole new era,” Zenith says.