May 18, 2024

The dark grey sandwich dial of the Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic PAM674 really has a very subtle sunburst completing to it is totally unnoticeable under low-light conditions and stands out only when hit by powerful light at an angle. It’s a fine, quality detail but one that will take the rear seat alongside other dial elements. Lume is great, although as is ordinary for non-traditional lume colors like this one in tan, the green glow is not quite as bright and durable since it’s on regular Panerais.The crystal, like on most Panerais, is just way too reflective. I’ve a theory that says this added reflectivity gives a subconscious, unidentified feeling of improved “luxury” to people who know nothing about watches and are only going with the “the shinier the more valuable” approach. Given the broad popularity and marketplace that Panerai is in, I figure this is a tactic that works. This mentioned, I genuinely cannot think about any other potential explanation — and I know even this is a small stretch. Nonetheless, the reflectivity of the crystal is so “good” that it gives a remarkably sharp image of whatever is behind or over you. You can see your face when you look at the back of your phone as you try and have a picture, or the individual leaves on the trees over. Under some light conditions, reflectivity is not too bad — it is in outdoor surroundings where it really becomes overly much.Wearability has been excellent, even though this 45mm version, again, is much more ideal for individuals with 7.5″ or larger wrists. Since it is thin, the PAM674 does not become caught up on sleeves, it only slides under, which makes it much more comfy to wear. The 24mm-wide black strap was thin by Panerai standards and,