February 26, 2024
Russell Field’s “Smooth” series of sweep seconds watches released in the UK adopts the RS1206 “sweep seconds” movement customized with its own design and is manufactured by Seiko to ensure the stability of the movement. This series of watches takes into account the high precision of quartz watches and the elegant travel of mechanical watches, making people feel the beauty of the flow of time.
What is a sweep seconds watch, and what brands does the sweep seconds watch have? As we all know, there are two major types of watches: one is mechanical watches, which make people feel that time is flowing smoothly, but the disadvantage is that the natural error is large, and there is an error of 10 seconds in almost a few days, which is troublesome for later maintenance. The other type is the quartz watch. The accurate travel time is simply hanging compared to the mechanical watch. Good quartz movements can be controlled within 5 seconds per year, and they are convenient to maintain. They are not as delicate as mechanical watches, but the disadvantage of quartz watches is the second hand. Jumping a second while walking, it can not reflect the flow of time, I feel that there is no high-level sense of mechanical mens watches.
In fact, there is another movement that takes into account the high precision of the quartz watch and the smoothness of the mechanical watch, which is the second sweep movement below. I personally think that this movement is perfect and impeccable. The brands that produce sweep seconds are Seiko, Bulova and Russellfield. Seiko does not need to say that the famous SD movement is the originator of sweeping seconds, and no one can beat it. Bulova seems to be an American brand. Russellfield is a British brand. Their 24-hour watches are more famous, and sweep seconds are rare in the market.