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Seikosha Timekeeper (1895)

Those who know Seiko mainly for its lower-priced quartz watches — and even many who have recently discovered the Japanese brand’s high-horology Grand Seiko timepieces — may be unaware that Seiko’s history of watchmaking stretches all the way back to the late 19th century, and includes several watch-world firsts. Seiko founder Kintaro Hattori was only… Read More »

Seiko Introduces its First Tourbillon

135-year history, which includes a long tradition of creating mechanical movements, Seiko has never made a tourbillon watch, until now. Seiko announced this week at Baselworld that it aims to build worldwide recognition for its mechanical movements, hoping to create the same profile it enjoys for its electronic watchmaking capabilities. The new Credor Fugaki Tourbillon… Read More »

New Introducing Seiko Prospex World Time Chronograph Watch

Seiko’s now global Prospex series serves to highlight the brand’s best consumer tool watch designs. While certainly best known for dive watches, Prospex spans “Sea, Sky, and Land,” with focused and sport-ready products for divers, pilots, and travelers alike. This latest, the Seiko Prospex Radio Sync Solar World Time Chronograph looks to offer a pilot-focused… Read More »

Seiko Astron Giugiaro Design Hands-On Watch

This 5000 limited edition models presented in one 44.6 mm diameter lightweight titanium case for the standard production 8X mode, but by Giugiaro design unique style. A hard black scratch resistant coating protects the titanium case from scratches. A titanium bracelet with white ceramic insets and a separate crocodile leather strap with red leather lining… Read More »

The World Branding Forum recognizes Seiko as a ‘Brand of the Year.’

On September 24, the World Branding Forum announced its 2015-2016 awards at a ceremony at Kensington Palace in London. Seiko was recognized as ‘Brand of the Year’ in the watch category.The judging system is unique. From a nominated list of 2,600 brands from 35 countries, the winners are selected through a three-part process involving brand… Read More »

#TBT Seiko 6106-8229 Rally Diver

Written by Michael Stockton on Oct 15, 2015 We cover a lot of vintage Seiko on #TBT and we do it for good reason. I’ve spoken at length about the great value one receives when buying a vintage Seiko. The quality of the pieces certainly stand up to almost anything Swiss that was sold during… Read More »

#TBT Extra: Seiko 6159 Tuna original owner

Written by Michael Stockton on Oct 09, 2015 It’s October and that means it’s #Seikoctober for those of you who play along on Instagram.  As I write this, Robert-Jan also happens to be in Japan checking out all things Seiko.  So, what better than to talk a little about one of the brand’s most famous… Read More »

#TBT Seiko Sportsmatic 6619-8230

Written by Michael Stockton on Oct 01, 2015 “Value”, amongst its several meanings from Meriam-Webster, is defined as relative worth, utility or importance. Taking it a step further, “value” is often assigned when price is taken into consideration. If we digest all of this, we, as vintage watch collectors often search for watches possessing great… Read More »

Hands-On Grand Seiko SBGH001J Review

Written by Robert-Jan Broer on Aug 26, 2015 A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try another Seiko, the Grand Seiko SBGH001J.  I requested to borrow this watch from Seiko after I already had a bit of Grand Seiko experience with their SBGV009 timepiece (read my in-depth review here). That particular model though,… Read More »