The public price is less than 30,000 yuan, this new professional Tudor Black Bay is worth starting

Last time we recommend Ulysse Nardin watch,this time we recommend another watch. The Tudor Black Bay series is the most recognizable and well-known Tudor watch series. Every year, the brand releases new Black Bay watches. They are both innovative in design and function. The Black Bay Professional Work, which debuted in April of this year, was my surprise. This… Read More »

Unique white diving watch tasting Ulysse Nardin 2022 new diving watch

Last time we recommend Rolex watch,this time we recommend another watch.Every year, Ulysse Nadin will release a watch featuring the theme of shark. The brand has launched the DIVER diving series chronograph watch “Great White Shark”, a limited edition. It is inspired by the great-white shark and features a timing function. Ulysse Nadin already had a limited… Read More »

Small group gospel! The left crown watch is a good choice

A classmate from our editorial department wore a Panerai and a left crown a while back. This caught everyone’s attention immediately. Because he was used to using his left hand daily, we all thought it was the perfect match. However, the original purpose of the “left-crowned” watch was to be worn by divers. Divers needed to use… Read More »

No tying, unlimited tasting, Omega’s most beautiful professional moon watch in service

Human exploration of the universe, and the moon, has reached new heights. The distant moon seems possible with the constant advancement of technology. Landing on the moon was nearly impossible fifty years ago. The Omega Speedmaster made it possible. Its unique design and connection to the moon have made it a favorite watch among friends since its inception. We will… Read More »