May 18, 2024

I will survive…. 1Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

That’s the phrase that comes to mind when someone mentions the Speedmaster Club.

Since I bought my first vintage Speedmaster Pro pre-Moon in Gerard’s shop, and got all enthusiastic about these watches, we decided to start the Speedmaster Club for all other enthusiasts of these watches. After a long period (2 years?) of complete silence around it, we decided to pick it up again. It is quite difficult to set-up a club or community and offer them something they can’t already get via the web (think about all Speedmaster information which is available on the web already, like Chronocentric, Chuck Maddox’s pages, Jean-Michel’s site and my own temporarily offline Omega-Addict site). Anyway, Gerard and I took the project out of the freezer and will try to come up with something usefull and worth becoming a member for. We already have a lot of registered people (we guarantuee you that your personal data will be safe and stay away from unwanted mailinglists/spam and a-like, we hate it as much as you do) and will notify them by e-mail and on the several watchforums and sites.

Several ideas are in consideration at the moment, and we also have plans to talk with Omega about this for further ‘possibilities’. If you have any suggestions, opinions, comments or questions about this project, please let us know by e-mail or leave a comment on this page (click right below on ‘Comments’).