April 24, 2024

Happy 2005! 0Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

Only 2 days left before the new year! Horologicalwise, not a very stunning year to be honest. Nothing much new from Basel 2004, so let us hope Basel 2005 brings us more joy!

Personally, I shifted not much in my collection. My collection is getting quite stable. Except for one missing model, I don’t see what else I should add to it at this moment. If I can get my current collection ‘complete’ for my idea, the next steps will be saving up for really high-end stuff, but that also requires me to earn a bit more cash :-)

Anyway, for now, I only ‘need’ to add this one watch. A moonphase watch, and what else than a Speedmaster Professional with Moonphase complication.

If I only made some extra cash with a website like this :-)

What are your horoligical wishes for 2005? Care to share? Click Comments right below.

For now, I hope you enjoy new years eve and I hope to welcome you with new watchposts in 2005!!