July 22, 2024

Collecting catalogues to the extreme 1Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

Some time ago, I read this great topic on a Dutch watch forum called dezinvanluxe.nl, it is about Steef who likes to collect catalogues of watch brands.

When you¬†live in The Netherlands and ask for a Panerai brochure¬†via Panerai.com, you will receive one with a handwritten ‘compliments’ card.¬†Steef probably ordered a few catalogues to much, because he got an email from Hans Dekkers, brand manager¬†for Panerai BeNeLux and Scandinavia. Hans Dekkers¬†wrote to Steef that he shouldn’t¬†expect to get hand written¬†’compliment’ cards anymore, after posting the picture above¬†with¬†6 hand written¬†cards at the mentioned forum.

So now Steef receives his catalogues without a ‘compliments’ card, which really upsets him (no phun intended). I really wonder why Hans (Panerai) keeps¬†sending him catalogues at all :-)

Steef, why ordering that much catalogues if you are not going to buy a Panerai anyway (like you wrote in one of the threads)? :-)