July 22, 2024

Updates on the Steiner Limited watches 0Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

Steiner Limited watches, one of the few Dutch watch brands, have a new price tag as per 1 July 2007. One year after the introduction, the original (introduction) prices have gone up a bit. However, when purchasing a Steiner Limited you will also get a leather watch winder, a one-time opportunity to exchange the dial (with another color), to have the caseback engraved and to request a specific number from the 50 pieces of each limited watch (IF still available). Additionally, Steiner will always take the watch back if you want to exchange it for another watch.

Pricing in Euro is as follows:

– 39 mm stainless steel = 4500,-
– 42 mm stainless steel = 4750,-
– 39 mm rose gold = 10.000,-
– 42 mm rose gold?Ǭ†= 10.500,-
– 39 mm white gold?Ǭ†= 10.500,-
– 42 mm white gold = 11.000,-


There will also be a PVD Steiner Limited watch, called BlackOut, in 42mm for Euro 5950,-. Only 24 pieces available.