July 19, 2024

Jai Alai – The Fastest Game On Earth 8Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

WallStreet Kingdom, the company that brought you the shirts with the stripes of pride is now introducing a (casual) line of Polo shirts. These Polo shirts are WK’s tribute to the fastest game on earth, Jai Alai. WallStreet Kingdom, friend of FratelloWatches for years, once made the comment that their shirts should be to fashion what Audemars Piguet is to watches. Sheer luxury and very wearable.

The WallStreet Kingdom company recently asked me what watch to use for their advertisements, well… Let me show you that they listened to what I had to say.

You can order these fine crafted Polo shirts on-line at Wallstreet Kingdom, prices are $195 USD and available from sizes S to XL and available in black and white.

  • Limited tribute collection
  • Luxury cotton pique
  • Mother-of-pearl buttons
  • Custom-Fit. Made in Portugal

Go www.wallstreetkingdom.com