July 15, 2024

quartz watch

Store of value or even appreciation of luxury watch is the most attractive topic in luxury watch consuming behavior, and this topic has already become people’s main purpose of buying watch. In fact, watch is just a clock, which belongs to the scope of timing tool. It is not a strict sense of investment goods. In accordance with the pertinent opinion of insider people: if a person relies on investing watch to profit, then any investment can profit.

Many people even would like to spend their years of saving to buy an expensive watch. Their purpose is for lucky and heritage. Even bought the watch, but they didn’t wear it, and they just locked the watch in the cabinet. In this case, why did you buy this watch? Buy a watch must be with your capabilities, and make the best use of it. You can imagine that how many people are still wearing military g-shock watches inherited from his grandfather nowadays? If you like this watch, you should wear it quite often, children or grandchildren can buy their own liked watch.

Lots of people are fond of flaunting in front of other while they bought a watch, and said this watch was handmade by some famous watch masters in Swiss. As a matter of fact, no matter how famous a watch factory is, in their factory, there are various and advanced numerical control machine. Design department of watch is already using 3D design software, the factory testing even done by robots. If today’s watch still manually operate machinery to make g-shock frogman watch like two or three hundreds years ago, then its processing precision and accuracy are hard to reach the standard. But the watchmaking industry actually has a feature -can’t be separated with hand. Polished, assembled and stone setting process need to be finished by hand, the basic processing steps of parts all hand over to automatic equipment.