May 18, 2024

Devon Tread 1 Watch

Scott Devon launched the Tread 1 watch, its tread-based system to tell time and graceful features all deeply impressed people. Now, Devon is showing a new watch this 2012 known as the Devon Steampunk Tread 1. Just as the name implies, the timepiece includes the steampunk idea to produce a watch with an advanced and special appearance. This California based brand is certainly showing an unconventional way of telling time with this particular luxury watch.

This watch has quite a remarkable size and interesting case. Its case diameter is 53.3 millimeters and 19 millimeter thick. And the timepiece is built to wear easily and safely on the wrist. This square case consists of steel and it has a DLC coating case back. The glass crystal consists of polycarbonate for extreme sturdiness and AR coated for extra clarity. You can see a controller which functions like a crown at the bottom of the case. The Devon Steampunk Tread 1 watch looks and runs just like a small machine.

The rubber strap is functional, wide, and comfy on the wrist with a distinctive buckle, quite secure and firm while wearing on the wrist. A complex group of devices, screws, plates, and processors are inside the watch. This Steampunk Tread 1 watch uses tread-based system to inform time. It works on the lithium polymer battery that should be recharged every two days when working regularly. As long as you buy the watch, the charger will come along with it. Battery life indicator is the second belt and moves in 2 seconds step when battery life is running low. There’s also an OFF/ON button that may be fairly helpful to save battery life when the watch is not in use.

No matter in aesthetic or function, this watch both can be a unique watch. You can see the watch well but more hear well it. The little one-step motors have treads which make a grinding noise as the motors turn the second belts. Watch enthusiasts are certain to find lots of things to love and appreciate about this watch. And you won’t find any other watches like this collection on market right now.