February 26, 2024

Talking Watch

Nowadays, women tend to like bigger wrist watches. The recognition and purchasers of smaller sized women’s wrist watches is falling. Therefore, many watch producers have changed their old line to produce women’s watches.

Some luxury designer watch brands began to change the old trend. They either promoted their men’s g-shock 6900 series watches for women or added some feminine features on watches for men like the extra design detail and precious stones to hot types of watches for men. And some watch brands might have a thought that they could lose their market share by not creating women’s watches, however, they’re proved to be the hot brands. Because recently, ladies have switched their traditional view that ladies must only put on smaller size watches or watches with diamond or more detail factor, women began to like the more beautiful things, whether they’re specifically designed for women or not. Actually, many watch brands only created males watches are extremely hot at the moment, however their customers are only the males, but women have a large part among their clients.

There’s another trend for luxury watches. That one possibly more dictated by consumers’ tighter purse strings than other things, which is the drop off in demand for designer watches that have lots of “bling stuff”. In most cases, a wrist watch with more diamonds or any other precious stones ought to be more costly. The cost of watch materials should have a close connection with how brands need to price their watches, therefore if the cost of stainless has elevated a great deal, then the cost of the watch made of stainless also will be affected. At the moment, the cost of gold has elevated a lot, to the point where gold purchasers have popped up in everywhere it appears. Therefore, another trend that’s usually happened in watches for men, but which ladies have gravitated to, may be the bigger, sports g-shock mens watches with black rubber straps. However for personally, I really like this look on a lady, and that’s why classic men’s sports watches never and will never go out of styles.

In fact, the black rubber look is becoming very popular and hi-tech materials for instance ceramics, titanium, carbon fibre and PVD coating are broadly utilized in watches. Therefore, you can easily answer the age-old question: what do women want? When it comes to watches, the reply is a man’s designer watch. If you’re a guy, be ready to hands your watch over to your girlfriend.