April 2, 2023

Today I review something a little bit different. Many replica watches have a theme, such as a dive replica watch, pilot replica watch, sailing, yachting, field replica watch etc, today we look at the Culinary Watch, by Morpheus Fine Watches, or its full name the Master Chef Culinary Watch. Now, while most of the theme or styled replica watches I spoke of are modeled after or meant to be used in those specific categories, the Culinary Watch is more a fun replica watch with some restaurant (mostly cookware) inspired designs, as opposed to one that would really be used in the kitchen as a chef.

I chose to review this replica watch, because I spent many years in the kitchen for a living, and because I’m still passionate about food and cooking, so I thought this would be a fun replica watch to review. Obviously this replica watch is not going to be for everybody, but for the replica watch guys/gals that also happen to be chefs/cooks, work in the industry etc., it might be worth a look for them.

Please take a look at the full specifications below:

  • Case: 42mm wide/45mm with crown, 316 Stainless Steel
  • 13mm thick
  • 52mm lug to lug
  • 22mm lug width
  • Crystal: Domed Sapphire
  • Movement Miyota 21 jewel automatic movement
  • Bracelet: 316-brushed stainless steel with flip lock clasp
  • Crown: Screw Down
  • Water Resistance: 5atm
  • Price $495 USD

As I said, the Morpheus Master Chef Culinary Watch is a little different, fun and funky, but not over the top in my opinion. In the video below I give a good look at the replica watch and talk about is features. Please replica watch the video presentation.

The Culinary Watch comes in a lacquered wood box and has your normal pillow on the inside in which your replica watch is wrapped around. It is a nice wood box, and something a little above the cardboard or rubber boxes from some companies. (It would be cool though if they put it in a package that had something to do with culinary, like if it came in a knife roll or something).

Morpheus Master Chef Culinary Watch Review

The 42mm case is a nice everyday size for most people, and is done in all satin stainless steel with the exception of the outer bezel, which is high polished. The case is definitely unique and something that was custom made as opposed to an off the shelf case. On the non-crown side, you will find the words “culinary” deeply engraved. When it comes to the crown, it is designed after an oven knob, and a pot handle for a somewhat crown guard. Even though only water resistant to 5 atm(50 meters), it has a screw down crown. The lugs have rivets that attach them to the case, or it looks as such anyways. I am not sure if they are decoration or actual rivets.

The exhibition case back displays the Miyota movement and has Cotes de Geneve engraved texture. The outer stainless ring around the crystal is also high polished, matching the bezel on the front. A sapphire crystal is used here as well. The movement is a non hacking movement, and anyone familiar with the Miyota 8200 series movements knows it is not the most accurate movement, but is still a well regarded movement in that it is dependable and you should not have to worry about repair or issues for many years.

Morpheus Master Chef Culinary Watch Review

The bracelet is your standard oyster style bracelet that is all brushed steel to match the case, and uses friction pins to hold the links together. I didn’t have to remove any links for my 7 ½ inch wrist, only a few micro adjustments in the clasp, so if you have a larger wrist than mine I would see if Morpheus has extra links they can provide you with. The lug length is a little long for a replica watch at the size of 42mm, but it still fits comfortably on my wrist, much like a 42mm Steinhart does.

Morpheus Master Chef Culinary Watch Review

So lets get more into the culinary aspects of the replica watch. The dial texture is meant to mimic a skillet surface, and over the open heart on the dial is a stove burner grate. The hands are not your stock or catalog hands are are large and make reading the time very easy. Hour, minute and second hand all have lume applied to them, and this is the only lume on the dial as the applied hour markers and numbers do not have any. A very nice Morpheus Watches logo sits below the 12 on the dial, and under the 3 is “Masterchef Automatic”. So, combined with the other elements I spoke of, the culinary aspects are there, but they are subtle and overall the dial if you did not know what it was to mimic, is still very pleasing to the eye, and I like just the 12 and 3 numbers on the dial, something a little different.

Morpheus Master Chef Culinary Watch Review

Covering the dial is a domed sapphire crystal with an AR coating. There is still some glare from light, but for the most part it is a nice crystal. The lume on the hands is bright, but not the best I have seen, but still does a decent job and lasts about 2-3 hours or so before fading completely.

Morpheus Master Chef Culinary Watch Review

So what is my consensus on the Morpheus Fine Watches Culinary Watch? As a former chef, I think it is about time a brand targets chefs and made a replica watch geared toward them, and I like the design overall. I could do without “Culinary” engraved into the side of the replica watch, but I’m someone who never cares for things engraved into the side of the cases. I had a few people ask me about the replica watch when I was wearing it, most saying that is a cool looking replica watch, and not many knew it had anything to do with culinary until I showed it to them and they saw the side of the case and started looking at it more. Being 42mm, it would be a large replica watch for most women, but I can see some pulling it off who like large replica watches. I don’t want to label it as kitschy, as I think it could have been if they had gone with things like knives and forks for hands, and a chef hat on the dial etc. If you are someone who works in the kitchen, or has a passion for cooking, I think you might like the replica watch a lot. Keep in mind, with its low water resistance and being an all steel replica watch, it’s more of a replica watch to represent culinary than one to actually wear in a professional kitchen while cooking.

You can check out other variations of the the Morpheus Fine Watches Culinary replica watch, with leather straps, or in goldtone as well HERE . Thank you to Morpheus Fine Watches for providing this model for review on WatchReport. Please scroll down and leave us a comment on what you think of the replica watch.

Thank you.