March 28, 2023
Burgmeister Bm505

Burgmeister are a brand that have been around for quite some time now and are a bit of a marmite brand, which have quite a lot of interesting designs though. Here let us look at the 9 best Burgmeister watches for men.

1. Burgmeister Watches Bm505-122 Black Chronograph

Burgmeister Bm505


Burgmeister watches is the first in our list which is very busy looking chronograph timepiece. If you like your dials to be full of information and dislike all the minimalist timepieces going around at the moment, then this Burgmeister watch could be ideal for you. The watch has a large 45mm casing giving it quite a big display, fair to say it needs it with everything on show. The watch has a chronograph quartz movement and a 100m water resistance rating. This means the watch is suitable for recreational surfing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing and water sports.


2. Burgmeister Watches BM127-249 Diamond Automatic

Burgmeister watches BM127-249


This is one of Burgmeister’s higher end timepieces and as such, you can expect it to set you back quite a bit more than the previous watch. It’s a large chunky watch, the casing diameter is 43mm and has a thickness of 14mm, this is something that should be kept in mind before buying. Around the dial you’ll notice 12 small diamonds that compliment the luxury look of the PVD gold plating. The watch features an automatic movement, sapphire crystal glass, and a 50m water resistance rating. Whilst perhaps not for everyone, this would be ideal for those who like a show-off watch that they want to get noticed. Personally, I’d say completely ignore the original RRP as it’s a bit ridiculous, just see if the price is something you’re happy with when you see it.


3. Burgmesiter Watches BM331-209 Automatic 

Burgmeister watches BM331-209


This Burgmeister watch is definitely what you’d call a bit different. If you fancy something that’s going to get a double take then this is worth considering in my opinion, it is worth pointing out you can find this style in other brands too. I like the exposed skeleton design of the dial on this timepiece. You’ll also notice the Roman numerals etched into the bezel of the watch with the blue hands proving to be a nice touch of colour.  This Burgmeister watch runs on an automatic movement, has a mineral crystal glass and a 50m water resistance rating.


4. Burgmeister Watches BM309-622 Oversized Quartz Watch

Burgmeister Watches BM309-622 XXL


So you may not initially be able to tell from this picture, but this Burgmeister watch is huge. If you like your oversized watches you’ll be pleased to hear this watch has a casing diameter of 54mm with a thickness of 17mm. It reminds me of the Casio G-Shock’s and Invicta timepieces. The dial is interesting, I like the texturing they’ve used with the free space. There’s also lots of features on the dial, a day, date & month display, moonphase, thermometer and hydrometer display. The watch also has a mineral crystal glass, runs on a quartz movement and has a 50m water resistance rating. If you’re after something that’s going to turn heads, then a oversized watch such as this is worth considering.


5. Burgmeister Watches BM330-133 Automatic

Burgmeister Watches BM330-133


Next up in our list of the best Burgmeister watches is this colourful automatic timepiece. It’s another design with a pretty busy dial. I quite like the bold hands that the watch features, these are coated in lume for easier reading in dim lit conditions. I also like the balance wheel being on display. There’s a day date, month, and year display as well which goes a lot towards this busy dial. The watch is powered by an automatic movement, has a mineral crystal glass, and a 50m water resistance rating. An interesting Burgmeister watch to check out.


6. Burgmeister Watches Bm127-279Bm127-279 Automatic

Burgmeister Watches Bm127-279


This is another one of the higher end Burgmeister watches. It’s very similar in style to watch number 2 with a slightly different dial colour. Again this is a larger watch with a bit of a chunky profile. The gold PVD plating and small diamonds dotted around the outside of the watch give it this luxury blingy look. Personally, I think this version is nicer than watch number 2, I’m just not sure a fan of the red dial on the other watch. This model also features an automatic movement, date display, sapphire glass, and a 50m water resistance rating.


7. Burgmeister Watches BM608-977 Quartz

Burgmeister Watches BM608-977


Number 7 in our take at the best Burgmeister watches is this modest looking timepiece. Possibly one of my favourite Burgmeister watches is also one of the most affordable. I quite like the two tone style they’ve used throughout, the strap itself looks nice without over doing it. The hands have a coating of lume that makes them easier to read in dim lit conditions. Other features of the watch include the quartz movement, mineral crystal glass, and 50m water resistance rating.


8. Burgmeister Watches BM105-295 Automatic

Burgmeister Watches BM105-295


Another one of the most popular Burgmeister watches is this PVD gold plated timepiece. I think the casing and strap work very well together with this design. Talking of design, the dial is very interesting, a lot of people have really liked this one. The watch features a day & date display, mineral crystal glass, automatic movement, and 50m water resistance rating. If you like classic watches, then this could be for you.


9. Burgmeister Watches Bm128-122 automatic timepiece

Burgmeister watches Bm128-122


The final watch on our list of the 9 best Burgmeister watches for men is this fan favourite the BM128-122. It’s an automatic timepiece with a visible balance wheel on show that I really like the look of. There’s some nice texturing on the dial with the day & date display also nicely on show. The watch runs on an automatic movement, has a mineral crystal glass, and a 50m water resistance rating.