April 1, 2023
If someone says how to not recommend the hundreds of thousands to millions of luxury watches as dress watches, to tell the truth who can bring this kind of watch who cares if his watch does not match with clothing? People who can wear millions of Patek Philippe don’t need to talk about matching, are you the most handsome?
Another point to note is that most formal watches are black or brown crocodile leather belts, and the precious leather straps will appear more calm and elegant. If you want to choose a steel belt dress watch, the braided steel belt is the best, it looks classic and fine. Formal watches can be said to be men’s comrades, it can accompany you on business occasions, increase your confidence, express your attitude, men should have a men formal watch.
Sports watches can be suitable for you to wear when you exercise, then it must have some hard conditions, such as watches that can resist falling, shock or other specific sports functions, such as chronograph, diving, pulse measurement, countdown, etc. For example, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s flip design was originally designed for the British to wear watches to show their distinguished identity in equestrian sports, and it is not easy to hit the bad dial.