March 28, 2023
High Accuracy, Legibility & Durability : Classic Grand Reef Watch

Since its birth, Reef Tiger Classic series has been consistently adhering to the clear and elegant style, based on the goal of “the world’s most outstanding practical watch”, to pursue the highest level of the basic functions of the watch. Grand Reef has always represented the top watchmaking craftsmanship: high accuracy, legibility and durability.

Design highlight

1.Simple and neat case design

The case design of this watch is based on the Reef Tiger classic design in 1912, 41mm size is classic and generous, comfortable, completely showing humanities and elegance.
High Accuracy, Legibility & Durability : Classic Grand Reef Watch
2.Low-key gorgeous microscopic carving dial

Low-key gorgeous dial echoes with the neat case, the dial is decorated with the fine 4/100mm radial lines, this crafted presentation demonstrates Reef Tiger’s excellence in watchmaking.

3.Clearly readable hands and hour markers
High Accuracy, Legibility & Durability : Classic Grand Reef Watch
After various tests and assessment of the cutting surface by Reef Tiger designers, the hands and hour markers of Grand Reef adopt the best design. And in the manufacturing process, the cutting surface will be carefully polished, so any angle is legible.

4.Date window at 3

The date window frame at 3 is silver rhodium plated, very shiny, which is very harmonious with the whole dial layout, fully reflects the humanistic watchmaking spirit: simple and readable.

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5.Removable practical band

This watch can be worn for different occasions, there are two kinds of band design, leather strap and steel bracelet, leather strap is elegant and comfortable, steel bracelet is refined.
High Accuracy, Legibility & Durability : Classic Grand Reef Watch
6.Screwed transparent case back

Different from the common internal compression case back Grand Reef adopts screw-in case back, this structure can ensure water resistance during operations like regular maintenance and repeated opening action. The transparent case back makes the complex function of the movement clearly seen.
High Accuracy, Legibility & Durability : Classic Grand Reef Watch
Exquisite technology

1.Double arched anti-reflective sapphire crystal

The watch features sapphire crystal that achieves Mohs 9 scale of hardness, corrosion and scratch resistant, never worn. The 3um double AR coating lets the Grand Reef watch to show dazzling texture.

2.Unique grinding wheel polishing technology

The streamlined cae adopts granding wheel polishing technology – must be brushed at an angle against the tin grinding wheel by hand, and the master must have 3 years of experience in this, so the case could achieve the effect of bright as a mirror.

3.Pure stainless steel case

The case material is the most advanced stainless steel, allowing the wearer to feel as one with the watch, which is very comfortable and fully show distinguished humanities and elegance, it also meets the most stringent environmental requirements.
High Accuracy, Legibility & Durability : Classic Grand Reef Watch
4.Ergonomic band and clasp

In order to allow the wearer to have a tailored satisfaction, Grand Reef uses the band that could be easily resized and strengthen the security of the clasp, using advanced design and technology, hand assembling, to make the band and case inside fully meet ergonomic standard, and eliminate the raw metal allergy.

5.Easily readable hands and markers

Slender and thick hands are the characteristics of Grand Reef, coupled with the large five-sided three-dimensional hands, which are mirror-polished, and the hand-polished cylindrical hour markers, they could be easy to be read even under the faint light.

High Accuracy, Legibility & Durability : Classic Grand Reef Watch
6.RT4101 Automatic Movement

The power reserve of Grand Reef could be up to 48 hours, RT4101 automatic movement is tested by professional Reef Tiger masters, the inaccuracy is -3 to +5 seconds each day, very watch must go through a very rigorous Grand Reef detection specifications, to ensure accurate timing.