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Watch Review: Revisiting the Seiko SNK809

Bought on a whim, and the subject of the first watch giveaway I ever ran on WYCA, the SNK809 is a special watch. Over the last 2.5 years it’s become the single most popular review on WYCA, generating thousands of page views every month. The SNK809 was one of the first watches that I photographed… Read More »

An Detailed Review Of Panzera Breuer Watch

 Watch  Review  the interests ,held by the Bauhaus style consistent. These tend to be minimalist, which makes the dial clean and tidy, and inform time is a simple matter. I also found myself drawn to a relatively low joinder crystal dome. Although Brewer PANZERA need something in a slightly different direction here, they managed to… Read More »

Zinvo Blade Replica Watch Review

Now this is a brand I truly had not heard of, and was actually brought up to us on another video review by a YouTube subscriber. So, first things first, shout out to Bonnermanvideos on YouTube for asking us if we were going to be reviewing this model and for bringing it to our attention.… Read More »